A different clinic

Clinic Spero offers various private health services, like acupuncture, massage, conversational therapy and medical consultations. We do also offer comprehensive COVID testing at Sola Airport and at Forus (Gamleveien 85).

Book a public or private consultation or a COVID-test online.

Do not visit the clinic if you have symptoms related to a COVID infection!

Coughing or experiencing a fever? Book an appointment online if you are in need of a consultation by phone or video.

NB! Our test station at Forus, Smart Hotel is moving to Gamleveien 85 on 1st of July! If you have an appointment at the Forus test station on the 1st of July or later, please meet up at Gamleveien 85, 4315 Sandnes.

COVID testing at Sola Airport and Forus

We offer several types of quick tests in addition to the regular rt-PCR test, both at the airport and at Forus (Gamleveien 85). We also accommodate testing of larger groups for businesses and the maritime industry. We have gathered all the relevant testing information in one page that is kept up to date. ( We offer 20% discount to families)

Go to our testing page or book an appointment right away.

Remember to wear a face mask at our clinic and test stations!

Services we offer

Medical consultation – Dietary guidance (diabetes, weight reduction) – Surgery – Medical health certificates – Ultrasound – Acupuncture – Conversational therapy – Somatic massage – COVID testing

See our price list for more details!

Opening hours

Open all weekdays. Appointments for public medical services between 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Private services between 08:00 AM and 10:00 PM.


Phones are open all weekdays between 08:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Week-ends 12:00 AM to 17:00 PM Please consider booking online as the lines can be very busy due to COVID. Tel: 40 48 40 73

Addresses to our clinic and testing stations

The clinic

Luramyrveien 40 (3d floor)
4313 Sandnes

Test Station at Stavanger Airport, Sola

You’ll find us easily in the terminal 100 meters from check inn area

Test Station Forus

Gamleveien 85,
4315 Sandnes

Medical services, Covid testing
40 48 40 73

Psychotherapy for children, Sona Kian
922 20 823

Group booking for Covid-test and Invoice

Administration, Parsa Shirkhani
40 48 40 73