Prices and Services

Canceling a consultation does not incur any costs as long as it is done within 24 hours before your time slot. You will be charged the regular price if you do not show or cancel to late. An exception is made for appointments for COVID-19-tests.

Prices for public health services

Prices related to our public health services are defined by the The Norwegian Doctors Association (Legeforeningen) and a price table can be downloaded from their website (only available in Norwegian).

Prices for private health services

NOTE! If you are in need of medicines that are habituating (in the A or B classification) you will have to contact your own GP.

If you choose not to pay at the clinic after your appointment, an invoice will be sent with an additional 75 NOK fee.

COVID-19 tests for businesses and travelers

Read more about our tests for travelers, businesses and offshore/maritime workers. We have gathered the most relevant information in one place and try our best to keep the page up to date with the latest information.

NOTE! We only test people without symptoms! We refer those who have symptoms to the public test offering.

Discounts for Covid-testing

20% discount: Groups (family/friends), students, senior and Norwegian Association of the Blind.

50% rabatt: International School of Stavanger employees receive 50% discount on all tests for private travel. Travels paid by a company is not discounted.

60% rabatt: Airline employees (ID pax) and family/friends who travels on an ID-ticket. Private travels only. Employees at Sola airport with an Avinor ID card, including Police and employees at the heli-port, for private travels.

Test type and result timePriceBook an appointment at…
Rapid Antigen Test (15 min)950 NOKForus / Sola Airport / Oslo Plaza
rt-PCR Express Test (20 min)2250 NOKForus / Sola Airport / Oslo Plaza
rt-PCR Regular Test (5 to 24 hours)1100 NOKForus / Oslo Plaza
Rapid Antibody Test, reveals immunity (10 min)750 NOKForus / Sola Airport / Oslo Plaza
Antibody Test by blood-work ( 1-2 days)850 NOKAt Main Clinic


You do not need to be referred by another doctor to make an appointment.

General consultation, adult990 NOK
Follow-up consultation, adult790 NOK
Child under 12 years850 NOK
Follow-up, child650 NOK
Health check / controll1050 NOK
Gynecological examination1050 NOK
Gynecological examination with Pap test1150 NOK
Prevention counseling990 NOK
Video consultation350 NOK

Diabetes, diet and weight reduction

Initial consultation1180 NOK
Follow-up690 NOK


Contact us by email if you are in need of other small surgical procedures not listed here.

Mole removal1650 NOK (+200 NOK per extra mole)
Skin-related procedures1750 NOK (+250 NOK per extra area)
Wart treatment (finger, hand, foot etc)1950 NOK (+300 NOK per extra wart)

Health certifications (including consultation)

Driver’s license (regular / extended)1150 / 1850 NOK
Posting (regular / extended)1750 / 2560 NOK
Fit-to-Fly (medical certificate for travel)1080 NOK
General health certificate (regular / for adoption)990 / 1080 NOK
Police Academy1490 NOK
Skydiving1490 NOK
Norwegian Motor Sport Association1260 NOK
Norwegian Car Sport Association1380 NOK
Kickboxing1380 NOK
Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft (D5LA)990 NOK
Please contact us if you need other kinds of health certificationfrom 990 NOK


Our ultrasound machine is currently being upgraded and will ready for use shortly.

Pregnancy control with ultrasound780 NOK

Laboratory and procedural rates

Blood sample300 NOK
CRP blood sample150 NOK
Blood sugar level measurement150 NOK
Urine sample150 NOK
Audiometry450 NOK
Spirometry650 NOK
Other samplesfrom 150 NOK


Initial consultation + treatment750 NOK
Following treatments600 NOK


Psykotherapy for children with Sona Kian. First session is free and non-binding. Book directly at or by phone 922 20 823.780 NOK
Conversational therapy with Elisabeth Rengel850 NOK
Couples therapy. Contact Elisabeth: elisabeth@klinikkspero.no950 NOK

Somatic massage

Back, neck and shoulders, 30 / 45 min580 / 850 NOK
Neck and head, 30 min580 NOK
Face, 30 min580 NOK
Foot reflex zone massage, 30 /45 min650 / 850 NOK
Cupping therapy (anti-cellulite), 45 min850 NOK
Holistic Somatic Massage, 60 min1250 NOK
Ultimate Holistic Somatic Signature, 90 min
+ 30 min doctors consultation
2450 NOK
Gift cardfromt 580 to 2450 NOK
Patients who have their GP at our clinic get 20% discount on all massage treatments.